Join us for equal parts fun and results

Join us for equal parts fun and results​

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Ready to roll up your training sleeves and have a blast?

Our puppy classes are guaranteed to be the best hour of your week, paws down!


How our puppy training classes work


Small groups for personalized attention

To ensure the best puppy training results, we keep our group classes small to provide plenty of one-on-one support.


Expert puppy training instructors

Our puppy trainers are experienced, credentialed professional dog trainers as well as seasoned, friendly instructors.


All positive puppy training

To ensure a good time for all as well as long-lasting puppy training results, we use and teach only force-free training.

Focus on real-life results

Training success in the classroom is great. But training success at home and out in the world is what matters most!

Tons of fun for you and your pup

Our instructors keep things upbeat and moving. Plus, can you find a better place to be than a room full of puppies?

“Kelly was with us from inception to delivery!”

“We began training before we brought Tootsie home [and were prepared with house training, biting/chewing, puppy prep and other vital information]. We thought our dog would not be trainable. Tootsie learned so much and we learned even more training with [Kelly]. Kelly is a true professional and helped us enormously with Tootsie’s development” 
–Jill A.


Live/Virtual Pandemic Puppy Package

Raise a confident puppy while practicing social distancing. Socialization is a crucial component of puppyhood in order for puppies to grow up to be confident adult dogs. Our Pandemic Puppy Package focuses on the critical socialization stage and how you can properly and positively socialize your puppy during this unprecedented time. We also focus on other key elements such as how puppies learn, house training, crate/confinement training, puppy nipping/chewing/mouthing, impulse control, basic foundations skills, settling in their crate while you tend to work/kids/other responsibilities, teaching your puppy the importance of being alone even while you are home sheltering in place, and enrichment opportunities.

$400- (10 sessions)
Three, thirty minute sessions per week. (week 4 will be one session).

All sessions are done via Zoom.


Puppy Kindergarten Training Class

For puppies up to 16 weeks of age

All the basics! Basic manners, house training, crate training, and addressing common puppy problems (biting, chewing, home alone issues, etc.) for a well-behaved puppy, plus socialization to help your puppy grow up into a calm, polite dog. Best of all, Puppy K is designed to teach you the skills you need to get puppy training results at home, in your backyard, around your neighborhood, and anywhere else you want to enjoy your pup.

$180 for 7 weeks of class


Puppy Junior High Training Class

For puppies over 6 months of age

All the basics, just like in Puppy Kindergarten, but our focus shifts a bit to managing the teenage energy of older puppies. You’ll learn how to capture and hold your pup’s waning attention span, curb expanding impulse control issues like barking, jumping, pawing, whining, pulling, and door dashing, and channel that frenetic junior high energy into acceptable outlets. Phew. Hang in there, we’ve got this!

$180 for 7 weeks of class


Puppy Social

For puppies up to 16 weeks of age

A wonderful addition to Puppy Kindergarten or our Concierge Private Puppy Training program, Puppy Social is a concentrated dose of play skill socialization. Guided by one of our puppy training experts, your puppy will wear herself out and have tons of fun learning how to play politely with fellow canines. You’ll have tons of fun watching, plus you’ll learn how to recognize the difference between appropriate and inappropriate play, when and how to intervene, and what all those crazy body language signals dogs use really mean.

$15 per 45-minute social,
or $80 for a pack of 6

Ready for puppy training results and fun?

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For Puppies up to 16 weeks old

Puppy Junior High registration

For Puppies over 6 months old

Puppy Social registration

For Puppies up to 16 weeks old

“He is a totally new puppy…”

“Kelly had incredible patience with my overly nippy/bitey puppy and tailored his training to his needs to set him up for success. After completing the course, he is a totally new puppy.”
–Alyssa S.


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