The Value of Live Online Training

The Value of Live Online Training

Live Online Training? How Can That Work?

It’s easier than you and your dog think!


How Live Online Training Helps You and Your Dog


Flexible Scheduling

No need to travel to a class- a time saver!

Wear your pajamas if you want… we won’t judge!

You don’t need to install any software or be tech savvy… just click the link I send you and I’ll be there waiting for you! 

Bonus… you get to view everything we did during our session, later. Now you can go back and see what we did during our session and see the steps if you want. How awesome is that? We are there with you during the session and after.


Just as successful as in-person sessions.

Puppies won’t miss out on critical socialization periods.

Keeps your puppy/dog from practicing unwanted behaviors.

Ensures your dog won’t regress.

A well-mannered, four-legged, family member.

“I feel more knowledgeable!”

“I thought working with a virtual trainer wouldn’t help much [but] the training [created] obvious progress in Millie’s calmness and confidence. I feel more knowledgeable in my own skills with Millie on the training. Even now on my own with all the knowledge Kelly shared with me we are [still making progress].”  –Taylor K.


Honors Social Distancing.

Training from the comfort of your own home prevents the spread of germs.

Training Goals and Experience

  • You receive the same expertise and live coaching as our in-person training.
  • Enjoy guided, step-by-step live coaching.
  • Ability to watch us demo with our own dogs.
  • Receive feedback and your written lesson plan for the week.
  • Pssst,… a little secret… we were never training your puppy or dog during our in person training… we were always training/coaching YOU.

You’ve got this and we’ve got you!

“[Kelly’s] use of Zoom was masterful!”

“My husband had reservations about virtual training, but his concerns were quickly diminished. [Through virtual training] Tootsie learned so much. Tootsie comes when called, sits, waits at the door before exiting, greets people politely, walks on leash and doesn’t pull. [Kelly] is able to break the barriers of training via Zoom”.  –Jill A.

“An empowering experience”

I had no idea how a trainer would train my dog via a screen. Going through this program was the best decision I made. The virtual program helped me become confident in training my pup. It was an empowering experience. I had total support with every problem or doubt I had with my puppy during the program. [I loved] the ability to reach out for help with prompt support, and not having to leave my home to train.

– Cris Kober

“Virtual training is excellent!”

We did have a concern that virtual training may not work, but the virtual training provided by Kelly is excellent. Before the program, Jack was causing us to be frustrated. After Puppy Concierge virtual training, Jack’s demeanor, impulse control and overall behavior is greatly improved!

– Inez Paroly

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