Our Puppy Day Camp Program takes it all out of your hands— phew!

Our Puppy Day Camp Program takes it all out of your hands—phew!​

A bit overwhelmed by your bundle of fluffy energy and mayhem? Get a head start with 

Puppy Day Camp: Let us train your puppy for you!


How the PupScout Puppy Daycare & Train Program works

Personalized 3-part Puppy Raising Master Class

Our expert puppy trainer works with you one-on-one to jumpstart your house training, relieve the biting and chewing, and craft your puppy’s socialization plan.

4 weeks of puppy daycare & train

Your puppy spends three half days a week with our pro puppy trainer learning her basic manners and social skills and getting all her ya-ya’s out with fellow puppies.

Weekly real-life field trips

Your puppy trainer takes your pup out on the town to practice her polite behaviors in the real world—so you can enjoy them anywhere you want to go!

Results transferred to you

Join fellow puppy parents for quick pick-up check-ins + a fun weekly group class focused on transferring your pup’s blossoming good manners to you.

A tired, well-behaved puppy

Enjoy living with a puppy who is pooped out and relaxed from all the fun and learning, making evenings and weekends less overwhelming and far, far more cute.


The PupScout Puppy Daycare & Training program includes:


A tired, well-behaved puppy

Your puppy will learn the key behaviors befitting a polite, well-behaved canine companion, from sits and downs to waits and stays, settling quietly on her bed, coming right away when you call, leave it when asked, walking nicely on leash, dropping items on request—ahhh, the relief!


Puppy problem solving & prevention

We’ll advance your house training and crate training efforts, teach your puppy to keep those needle-sharp teeth to herself, show her what’s hers to chew (and what isn’t!), help her learn to settle when her energy gets too high, how to share her things, and how to relax when left alone.


Puppy socialization for social health

Socialization is the number one ingredient of a socially healthy dog—one who can go anywhere with you, who feels relaxed and comfortable in all situations, knows how to greet fellow dogs calmly, sit politely around new people, and generally gains the admiration of all who meet her.


Supervised puppy play and exercise

Before getting a puppy it’s easy to underestimate just how much energy it’s going to take to keep up with all that cuteness. Puppies don’t come with an off switch, so we make sure to wear yours out with plenty of training and supervised play so you can enjoy easy, cuddly evenings.

PupScout Program fees

$300/week for 4 weeks

Space is limited to 3 puppies. Fees are all-inclusive:

  • Personalized one-on-one jumpstart training session
  • 4 weeks of puppy daycare and train (3 half-day sessions per week)
    • Basic manners training
    • Problem prevention training
    • Socialization training
    • Weekly field trip for real-world manners
  • Daily pick-up check-ins
  • 4-week group class training transfer program
  • Weekly training transfer videos
  • Lili Chin’s Doggie Language book

Ready to hand over your puppy’s training?

Space is limited to 3 puppies. Schedule your puppy’s intake call today!

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