Stop it. You’re making us blush.

Stop it. You’re making us blush.

Kelly has become family to us and we can’t imagine what we would do without her. She is amazing with our babies (fish too) and it’s a relaxing feeling to know they are in such great hands when we are not around.  Kelly and the team are great with providing daily updates and we love the picture collages she sends. The dogs have become so close with Kelly that when they see her car in the neighbors driveway they get very excited thinking they are getting a visit and treats.

– Elicia M.

I can’t recommend Kelly enough for her help in training my Finn as well as her weekly visits for dog walking. She had incredibly patience with my overly nippy/bitey puppy and tailored his training to his needs in order to set him up for success. She took the time to figure out how he thinks and the best way for him to learn. After completing the Basic Manners course, he is a totally new puppy and on his way for success with his continued training. Finn loves his doggie slumbers with Kelly and Janice when his family goes away. It always brings me peace of mind that he is in such good hands and it is clear that Finn always enjoys his visits!

– Alyssa S.

My husband, son (6 at the time), and I got our lab/poodle mix puppy at 8 weeks old. Neither of us had a dog since we were kids, so hiring a trainer seemed like a responsible thing to do. I met Kelly at an event and instantly realized her passion and knowledge of dogs and force free training. We hired her when we got our puppy and she worked weekly with us on basic manners. Raising a puppy can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Kelly reassured us that feeling was normal and that consistency is key. Lulu, our puppy learned so much over the time with Kelly. What we enjoyed most working with her is that we were never made to feel like We weren’t doing a good job with our puppy if we didn’t practice a skill until mastered. Kelly explained that different families have different things that are important for their dog to know and know well. That made us feel competent when focusing on the skills we thought were important to our family and never felt pressured to “ace” them all. Kelly is a highly knowledgeable, passionate, and caring trainer/ dog sitter! 

Respectfully submitted-
Sandy C.

Kelly is a true dog wizard-our dogs love her!  Our crazy puppies would focus and learn instantly from her. Kelly was such a help with letting them out to pee and play while we were at work.   One day when one of our dogs had an emergency she was calm and professional!  I feel so confident trusting Kelly with our dogs.  

– Robyn F.

My family and I highly recommend Kelly and her team at PupScouts of Hunterdon! I was lucky enough to find Kelly a couple years ago to watch my senior puggles, Rudy and Hank. She is very knowledgeable and caring. It means so much to know that our dogs (and other critters: fish, hamster, and bunny) are in great hands while we are away. Kelly is so thorough, and also takes great care of our home by brining in mail/packages, and watering our plants. We are fortunate to have found her, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for peace of mind while away from home!

– Stephanie P.

We have been using Kelly aka PupScouts of Hunterdon since 2013 when we rescued our dog Cassie. Initially she helped us with basic puppy training as well as assisted to successfully solve/manage a few behavioral issues. We also use Kelly’s service for taking care of Cassie when we are away. She is absolutely AMAZING with her and gives us such piece of mind to know Cassie is in good hands when we aren’t home! We wouldn’t trust anyone else with the care/training of our fur baby. I HIGHLY recommend PupScouts of Hunterdon to anyone looking for any pet training or care services. We give her 4 paws up!

Laurie O.

We have been dog owners our whole lives, and when we got our current dog we wanted to make sure we had the tools to train her properly.   Kelly came to us as a referral, and we couldn’t have been happier.  Kelly came to our home and worked with our puppy and the family to ensure the best results possible.  Penelope is almost three years old now, and we have continued to use Kelly and her team for ongoing care and training when the need arises.   We would recommend PupScouts of Hunterdon to anyone looking for any of their dog care and training needs.  

– Tara and Jesse W.

We have had dogs all our lives, but not anyone like Cody. Cody was a 40 pound terrier mix who was strong-willed and uncontrollable when we adopted him. We knew we needed help. Kelly offered consistent positive reinforcement approach which did wonders immediately for Cody. We could not have managed without her. 
– Brian and Tee A.

Kelly and PupScouts of Hunterdon team are truly amazing. We use Kelly and her team for any of our pet needs and feel comfortable leaving them in good hands. She is everything we could ever wish for in a dog walker- dependable, compassionate, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a true animal lover! We look forward to the pictures and updates she sends after every visit. We highly recommend her pet services. 
– Jessica K.

We were very happy to have found Kelly and PupScouts of Hunterdon!  She is truly a lover of animals and takes such good care of our dogs!  We’ve had the fortune of meeting her when we brought our pup Willow home 3 years ago!  A colleague in my office mentioned Kelly and that was so very fortunate for us!  We contacted Kelly, made an appointment and then decided to sign-up for her training (w/our Willow at the time)!  Of course, the minute Willow meets her, I knew this was going to be a win-win!  The experience of the training was so rewarding to not only us but to Willow as well.  As a matter of fact, many of the pointers we learned from that time training, we have used/worked on with our Ivy.  When Kelly does doggie visits, we love the texts w/pictures of our Willow and Ivy during those visits!  We know the care she has for each of them is the way we treat and care for them.   We never worry about our fur babies when Kelly cares for them.  Can’t thank her enough for giving us peace of mind!   We have been using her services for over 3 years now and I can tell you, we’ll continue for a very long time!   We highly recommended the PupScouts of Hunterdon for training and pet care services!  “Thank you Kelly for all you do for our fur babies”!

– Donna & Barbara

Our family adopted a puppy and we knew we wanted him to have formal training. We contacted Kelly and set up a plan for Pugsley. When we hit a roadblock and my husband wanted to rehome pugsley, Kelly worked with us to correct his behavior and showed us that with the correct training and follow through we could have an amazing new family member. I’m happy to say that pugsley has been with us for 1 1/2 years now and is a forever part of our family. The training process with Kelly was fun and exciting for our puppy and provided us with a ton of knowledge on how to get our puppy to behave how we wanted in a positive manner. This would not have been possible without Kelly and her training experience and guidance. 

We use PupScouts of Hunterdon for all our pet care needs. They take care of our dog pugsley and cat molly when we’re at work or on vacation. They treat our pets as one of their own and I love the pictures they send after visiting. I always feel comfortable leaving for vacations knowing my pets are going to be provided with the same love and care that we give them by Kelly and her staff.

– Sara S.

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