Home-alone training to ease anxiety for your dog—and for you, too

Home-alone training to ease anxiety for your dog—and for you, too

Is your puppy or dog unable to be left alone without stress, barking, or destruction?

Are you tired of watching your dog suffer on their own?

Are you tired of suffering yourself, feeling guilty when you leave home and worried about what you’ll find when you return?

We want to put an end to separation anxiety stress for you and your dog.


Our Home Alone Training programs include:


Initial assessment—the first step toward relief

Your personal separation anxiety trainer will assess your dog’s SA, help you understand what is happening and why, walk you through what to expect during training and what to expect as a result.

You and your trainer will put a management plan in place to ease both your dog’s and your own stress until training takes hold. You’ll have time to ask all your SA-related questions, too.


Daily training plans for step-by-step guidance

Every day, M-F, your trainer will send you a simple set of training steps for the day, customized for your dog based on the results of the previous day’s training. The goal is measurable daily progress with no guesswork.

Successful SA training requires consistency, patience, and careful training decisions. Our programs are designed to make the process of overcoming SA as easy for you as possible.


Customized Zoom support sessions

Each week you’ll meet privately with your SA trainer to review your progress. Kelly will celebrate your success, troubleshoot any setbacks, answer your questions, and fine-tune the personalized plans created for you.

Successful SA training is a process. With our Home Alone programs you’ll have your own personal trainer guiding you every step of the way.


Choose your Home Alone Training program

Hold My Hand

8-week support program for busy dog lovers wanting full step-by-step guidance


  • Initial Assessment (1.5 hours)
  • 40 daily customized training plans—8 weeks of daily M-F guidance to maximize your progress
  • 8 weekly private 30-minute Zoom sessions to keep you moving forward
  • Email and messaging support


Get Me Started

4-week support program for dog lovers wanting a guided jump-start

  • Initial Assessment (1.5 hours)
  • 20 daily customized training plans—4 weeks of daily M-F guidance to begin your progress
  • 4 weekly private 30-minute Zoom sessions to set you up to continue on your own
  • Email and messaging support


“We are up to 18.5 minutes of alone time!”

“Before the training I rarely left Millie home alone. [When left alone] Millie was upset so I was anxious and worried the entire time we were apart. I feel more knowledgeable to work with Millie and feel confident that we are progressing to the point where I can run errands. The training has shown us obvious progress in Millie’s calmness and confidence. My favorite part of the training is the accountability and the [progress] app tracking system.  –Taylor K.

Meet SA Pro Trainer Kelly Fahey

Lead trainer Kelly Fahey is a Separation Anxiety Specialist, having achieved her SA Pro Trainer designation.

Her motivation? Personal experience. Kelly knows what it’s like to live with a dog with separation anxiety—the guilt over leaving your dog alone, the worry and fear about what you might find waiting when you return. She also knows personally the relief of watching a dog learn to be comfortable alone, and the joy of living guilt- and worry-free. This is what she wants for all of our clients—this is what she wants for you and your dog.


Ready for separation anxiety relief?

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“Life changing!”

“The separation training has been life changing because I couldn’t leave my house without Ruby barking for hours. After dedicated training with Kelly, my Ruby is calm and happy when I leave the house.

The training exercises are simple and easy to do [and] I am less stressed knowing I can leave home and my dog will be relaxed.” –Krista Kappus


Understanding separation anxiety

Why separation anxiety won’t go away on its own or be quickly vanquished

It’s common for dog lovers to wait to treat separation anxiety—there’s a hope that it might just be a phase, a rough patch, something the dog will grow out of or get over. Unfortunately that virtually never happens. Separation anxiety is a true anxiety disorder—and if you’ve ever experienced one yourself, you know they’re not something you can will away or wait out.

Because of the nature of anxiety, SA is also not something quickly treated. Dog lovers looking to gift themselves and their dogs relief from this anguish-inducing disorder must begin the process with eyes wide open, understanding that it is indeed a process that will require time, patience, and consistency.

The good news: Applying the necessary time, patience, and consistency works. Separation anxiety absolutely can be successfully treated. A future where you can leave the house without guilt and return home without worry is possible. And we’ll do everything we can to help you get there.


“We had to change something!”

“We now have the confidence that we can train Dale to be by himself for longer periods of time. Watching Dale make progress week by week was our favorite part, but we really enjoyed how easy the app was and how invested Kelly was with Dale’s success!” –Alexis K.

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“We saw the results!”

My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t find a way for my dog to be happy and safe when home alone. With training and time… Finn went from him chewing door frames and drywall, to being content in his puppy proofed area, to eventually being out of his crate while home alone! He thrives on his routine and is able to enjoy a nice nap until his family is home again!

I wish I had used Kelly from the start. Other trainers left me feeling overwhelmed and unsure if we would ever conquer his separation anxiety. [With Kelly] we saw the results we were looking for and Finn adores her!” –Alyssa Salerno