Basic manners and behavior solutions in the comfort of your home

Basic manners and behavior solutions in the comfort of your home​

No time for group class? Struggling with frustrating or frightening behaviors? Prefer more one-on-one support?

Let us send an expert dog trainer to your door!


How our Concierge Dog Training Programs work

Your personal dog trainer comes to you

You’re already busy without the added stress of dog training, so your dog trainer will make things easy by coming to your home; no need to travel.

Training program customized to your goals

Your trainer will craft a customized training plan to meet your goals, whether that’s basic manners or putting an end to a troubling behavior issue.

Private dog training sessions

Your dog trainer will work weekly with you and your dog in your home or wherever you need training results, guiding you each step of the way.

The relief and joy of a well-behaved dog

Your only remaining task once your training plan is complete? Relax and enjoy the peace of mind and delight of living with a well-behaved dog.

Concierge Basic Manners Dog Training Program

Enjoy a 7-week program customized to your dog training goals

You have a vision of the perfect canine companion. We get that, and we want to help you reach it.

We’ll assign you your own personal dog trainer. Her first step will be to craft a training plan around your vision and basic manners training goals.

Then, whatever behaviors your specific plan entails—teaching your dog to sit and stay on cue, come immediately when you call, walk nicely on leash, sit instead of jumping to greet you and your guests, or whatever else you require—your expert concierge trainer will show you how to make it happen.

The result? The companionship of a well-mannered dog—plus the opportunity to impress friends and neighbors!

Concierge Basic Manners Dog Training fees


Fees are all-inclusive:

  • Basic manners training program customized to your goals
  • 7 private dog training sessions via easy video conferencing

Concierge Behavior Solutions Dog Training Program

Enjoy a behavior program customized to your needs

Behavior problems can range from inconvenient to downright frightening, with frustrating and embarrassing in between. We understand, and we can help.

Whether you’re struggling with nuisance behaviors like excess barking, chewing, or digging, or more serious issues like aggression in it’s many forms—leash reactivity, fear, resource guarding, etc.—you’ll be assigned your own credentialed, expert dog trainer to customize a training plan and guide you successfully through it.

Relief is a phone call or email away. We look forward to helping you fully enjoy your dog, released from the stress of unwanted behavior issues.

Concierge Behavior Solutions Dog Training fees


Fees are all-inclusive:

  • Behavior training program customized to your goals
  • 6 hours of consulting and dog training via easy video conferencing

“Kelly… did wonders immediately.”

“We have had dogs all our lives, but not anyone like Cody… a 40 pound terrier mix who was strong-willed and uncontrollable. We knew we needed help. Kelly offered a positive reinforcement approach which did wonders immediately. We could not have managed without her.” –Brian and Tee A.

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