Are Some Puppies Smarter Than Others?

A well-behaved puppy sitting on the couch beside its owner, while a friendly cat joins the scene. Are some puppies smarter than others?

If you’ve had your puppy for a while you have most definitely had some great times along the way with all the puppy snuggles and adorable puppy moments. No doubt you’ve had some frustrations and puppy overwhelm along the way with all the chaos a puppy brings. As time goes on things get easier. In some regards you may still have some frustrations with your puppy. Maybe you think your puppy should be farther along with their skills by now. You might be asking yourself a few questions such as “are some puppies smarter than others”? “How do I make my puppy more obedient”? or even, “is it possible for a dog to not be trainable”?

At what age should my puppy know commands?A cute and attentive puppy during training, focused on the owner's commands. How do I make my puppy more obedient?

I really want to take some time and shed some light on a topic that often plagues our minds and hampers our progress: comparing our puppy to someone else’s puppy. So, buckle up and let’s dive in!

First things first, it’s perfectly normal to want to be further along in your training plan. We all have visions of our puppy being able to flawlessly execute basic obedience skills. We dream of impressing friends and family with how smart our puppy is. But here’s the catch: each puppy is an individual and learns at their own pace. Just like you and I, they have their own unique personalities and abilities. Comparing your pup’s progress to others is like comparing apples to oranges!… or like comparing bully sticks to marrow bones. Things just don’t always go as we planned (or dreamed).

3 Factors that impact your puppy training progress

Furthermore, let’s consider the factors that influence your puppy’s training progress. First, how many times have you had days or even weeks that didn’t go as planned? Despite our best intentions, needs, and wants, our puppy training plan doesn’t always work out the way we intended.

Here are a few reasons you might not be as far along in your puppy training journey as you would like to be:

We all have different amounts of time we can dedicate to training each week

A single parent is likely going to have less time to spend teaching their puppy new skills than a single person who lives alone. Someone who works from home may have more time to devote to puppy training than someone who commutes to work each day. There are many factors in each person’s day that come into play when teaching puppies how to walk nicely on leash, greet people without jumping up, and all the other skills you would like your puppy to have.

Life has a sneaky way of throwing unexpected curveballs our way

Raise your hand if you had a plan to work on training and then your day went sideways? I’m raising both my hands and waving them around. You are not alone. As an adult, it seems that there is always something disrupting our well-intentioned plans. Before we know it, the day is gone and we didn’t get to practice the skills we set out to.

Puppy illness or injury

Puppies, like us, can also fall ill or end up injured, forcing us to temporarily put our training on hold. An upset tummy, itchy skin, recovering from being spayed or neutered are typical reasons we aren’t able to have our puppy practice their training skills. More severe injuries or illness can really feel like our training progress is being set back.

In addition, it’s not only our puppies that can have a rocky road. Somewhere along the line in your puppy journey you have probably fell ill or had to care for a member in your house who was ill. Remember, life happens, and it’s crucial to be flexible and understanding. These “setbacks” in our training are not our puppy’s fault. They aren’t even our fault. Some things just can’t be helped.

Are some puppies smarter than others?A playful puppy walking happily beside its owner, enjoying their time together. Is it possible for a dog to not be trainable?

Now, let’s delve into the detrimental effects of comparing your puppy to someone else’s. It can harm the precious bond you share and have been building with your precious puppy. Feeling that your puppy can’t measure up can breed negative emotions towards your puppy and strain your relationship. Remember, your puppy is unique, and their progress should be celebrated in its own right.

Training isn’t a race or a contest. It’s a journey that unfolds gradually, day by day. You can achieve your puppy training goals by consistently working towards them, even if it’s just a little bit each day. There’s no timeline dictating that your pup needs to know all their skills by a certain day. Let go of the pressure and enjoy the process at your own pace.

Puppy training is an ongoing journey

One things I tell all my puppy clients is that training never ends. You can expect to put in a lot of time for the first year of your puppy’s life, but even after that, our training journey isn’t over. Teaching your puppy all the skills you would like them to have takes time. Having your puppy learn them to an “expert level” will take even longer.

Look how many years you spend in school, learning. How can we expect our puppies to be perfect in few months or even by the time they turn 1 year old.

It’s essential to recognize that what you see isn’t the full picture. When you witness someone with their seemingly well-trained pup, remember that you didn’t witness the countless hours, hard work, and struggles that led them to that point. You are only seeing a snapshot of their life with their puppy. Trust me, they’ve experienced moments of frustration and also felt like their puppy wasn’t measuring up. Everyone starts somewhere!

Raising a puppy is fun, emotional, and some days just downright exhausting.An informative blog exploring the question of whether some puppies are smarter than others in terms of training. Discovering the challenges of puppy training and addressing common questions about the trainability of different puppies.

Is it possible for a dog to not be trainable?

When you are struggling with your puppy training it is easy to feel like your puppy isn’t trainable. All puppies are trainable. Whether you have an energetic, crazy puppy, a deaf or blind puppy, a laid back and easygoing puppy, or any other personality…. They are all trainable. Remember, all puppies learn at their own pace.

We’re all doing the best we can each day, and that’s all anyone can ask for. Mastery of training skills takes time, patience, and consistent effort. You have an abundance of time to shape your puppy into the well-behaved companion you envision. Celebrate each milestone along the way. Acknowledge all the work you’ve put in and how far your puppy has come since the day you brought them home. It can be easy to focus on the things you haven’t achieved and forget about all that you’ve accomplished.

What to do when you get frustrated with your puppy and your puppy training

First, I want you to take a moment to reflect on what made you decide to share your life with a puppy. Take a moment and really connect with that thought. Whether it was the joy of companionship, the unconditional love they bring, or the desire for a lifelong adventure. Reconnect with that initial spark.

Next, I want you to embrace the here and now with your puppy. Savor this special time with your puppy. Remember, puppies grow up faster than we realize, and these early, precious moments will be a distant memory before you know it. Really cherish this time.

Of course, not every moment with our puppy is magical and one we want to preserve. There are certainly things we are happy to forget and move on from. And it can be easy for us to become frustrated when we think our puppy should be able to do certain things “by now”.A heartwarming moment between a person and their puppy as they play ball, showcasing their special bond. What to do when you get frustrated with your puppy and your puppy training. Are some puppies smarter than others?

Final words when you wondering if some puppies are smarter than others

Please give yourself a break and some grace. Let go of comparisons and embrace your puppy’s unique journey. Celebrate the progress you’ve made so far and be proud of the dedication you’ve shown. Trust in the process, and you and your puppy will create a bond that’s unbreakable. Enjoy the ride, it’s an adventure like no other!

Still trying to pull all the pieces of your puppy training together? Yes, please help me teach my puppy to be the amazing dog I know they are.