Raising a new puppy? Struggling with your separation anxiety?

Welcome to PupScouts of Hunterdon.

We’re Hunterdon’s puppy training experts—

and we know a thing or two about adult dogs, too

Raising a new puppy? Struggling with your dog’s behavior? Just need pet care you can trust?

Welcome to PupScouts of Hunterdon.


We make puppy training and raising easy

At this time, puppy training services are available via easy online video conferencing. Click here to learn more about our Virtual Training.
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private puppy training

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puppy training classes


Puppy Daycare & Train

Leave your puppy with us during the day for training, socialization, and play. We’ll return her tuckered out for a restful evening.

Learn more about Puppy Daycare & Train.


Private Puppy Training

Get a puppy training solution customized to your needs, fitted to your schedule, and supported by your own expert puppy trainer.

Learn more about Private Puppy Training.


Puppy Social Club Classes

Join us for our unique alternative to puppy training class. Enjoy weekly socials + group real-world field trips to set your pup up for success!

Learn more about Puppy Social Club Classes.


We’d love to help with your adult dog, too


Manners Dog Training

Watch your new adult dog—or one you’ve loved for years—blossom into her best self with private dog training in your home. Learn more about Basic Manners Training.

Separation Anxiety Relief

Put an end to separation anxiety stress for you and your dog with home-alone training. Let’s get you out of the house without guilt again. Learn more about Separation Anxiety Training.

I’m so glad you’ve found us!

Hello and welcome…

I’m Kelly Fahey, owner of PupScouts of Hunterdon.

Whether you were sent by your veterinarian, a friend or colleague, or just stumbled upon us, I’m so glad you’re here. My team and I relish every opportunity to help a fellow dog lover enjoy the best in their dog, be that a brand new puppy, a new-to-you adult dog, or a long-time best friend. 

We take our work very seriously, because we know how seriously you take loving your dog. I know you’ll want to know all about our expert credentials for for puppy raising and dog training.

Meet the team and learn our credentials and training methods.


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