We believe pet care and peace of mind should be synonymous

Heading out of town? Long hours at work have you stressed?

Our dedicated, expert pet care team will always have your back.


Why trust your animals to our care

Dedicated pet care professionals

This is no part-time or hobby job for us. Our pet care team are long-standing pet care professionals, dedicated to our work and our clients.

Highly trained walkers & sitters

We take walking your dog and sitting your animals seriously, including ongoing professional training overseen by lead trainer Kelly Fahey.

Focus on physical & emotional safety

Our expertise means not only the peace of mind that your animal is kept physically safe, but is relaxed and happy when you’re away, too.

A team approach to reliability

Our close-knit team works together to ensure that you and your animals always have the care you need when you need it, no matter what.

Choose the dog walking or pet sitting option right for you

Every situation is different, and so are every animal’s needs.
That’s why we provide you with pet care choice.


Dog Walking/ Play Time

Regular weekday visits for clients whose schedules make it hard to get the dog out

Long work days? Juggling job, kids, and other household responsibilities? Worried about how many hours the dog is spending on her own? Worry no more—we’ll take the dog’s walk or potty and playtime off your to-do list.

Dog Walking fees

$25 for 30-minute walk or play time

$46 for 60-minute walk or play time


Pet Sitting—In-Home Visits

Daily visits for your dog or cat while you’re away

We’ll provide care and comfort to your animal with multiple daily visits to handle feeding, freshen water, get the dog out or the cat’s box cleaned, and provide loving companionship.

Drop-in Pet Sitting fees

$25 for 30-minute visit

($33 for 30-minute visit on holidays and holiday weekends)

NOTE: For your animal’s safety and emotional well-being we require a minimum of 3 visits/day.


Pet Sitting—In-Home Sleepovers

Overnight companionship for your dog or cat while you’re away

If your dog or cat would benefit from more steady company (and you’d feel better that way, too), we’ll stay overnight in your home, upholding as much of your animal’s routine as possible and working to make sure she’s happy and relaxed while missing you.

Sleepover fees

$75 per night


Doggie Slumber Party—Overnight Dog Boarding

Send your dog to hang with friends in our pro sitter’s home

The perfect way to take your dog’s mind off your absence. Also the perfect solution for dogs who don’t kennel well. Take your trip guilt free, knowing how much fun your dog’s having playing with friends and being spoiled in one of our staff members’ homes.

Drop-in Pet Sitting fees

$65 per day

“I always feel comfortable leaving for vacations…”

“I always feel comfortable leaving for vacations knowing my pets are going to be provided with the same love and care that we give them by Kelly and her staff. They treat our pets as their own and I love the pictures they send.” –Sara S.

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